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What is ChatGPT Auto Post WordPress Plugin?

Discover the future of content creation with the ChatGPT Auto Post WordPress Plugin, a groundbreaking innovation designed by digital marketing expert, Rodrigo Mendes. This powerful plugin combines the capabilities of ChatGPT and WordPress, offering users an unparalleled content generation solution that streamlines their online presence while staying SEO-friendly.

Experience the revolution in content generation with advanced features such as customizable PROMPT editing, automatic text creation, scheduled publishing, and bulk text recreation. Developed by the seasoned expert Rodrigo Mendes, the ChatGPT Auto Post WordPress Plugin is your ultimate tool to stay ahead of the competition and establish a strong online presence. Don't miss out on this opportunity to embrace the power of AI and transform your WordPress site with this game-changing plugin.


Unlock the Future of Content Creation: Discover the Game-Changing ChatGPT Auto Post WordPress Plugin Today!

Introducing the revolutionary ChatGPT Auto Post WordPress Plugin - your ultimate solution for seamless content creation and management! Harness the power of AI-driven technology to effortlessly generate captivating and high-quality articles for your website. Say goodbye to writer's block and time-consuming content development. With our plugin, you'll experience the benefits of automatic blog posting, customizable prompts, and efficient scheduling. Unleash your website's potential and watch it soar to new heights with the ChatGPT Auto Post WordPress Plugin. Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your online presence – try it now and experience the future of content creation!

Select Your ChatGPT Model Feature

The Select Your ChatGPT Model feature brings an unprecedented level of customization to your WordPress plugin experience. With this functionality, users have the power to choose the OpenAI GPT model that best fits their content generation needs.

Whether you're seeking to create a more casual conversation, a professional dialogue, or anything in between, this feature empowers you to align the AI's writing style to your specific requirements. By providing a drop-down menu of available GPT models, users can effortlessly switch between different AI writing styles.

Experience the freedom of choice with the Select Your ChatGPT Model feature. Shape the AI's output to match your unique content style and elevate your content creation process to the next level.

select model

Customizable Prompt Commands

The ChatGPT Auto Post WordPress Plugin allows users to fully customize and edit prompt commands according to their specific needs. By utilizing this powerful feature, users can ensure that the generated content aligns with their target audience, style, and topic preferences. The plugin offers an easy-to-use interface where users can modify the default prompt, enabling them to experiment with different content ideas and achieve the desired results. The customizable prompt commands provide greater control and flexibility, empowering users to optimize their content strategy and enhance audience engagement.

Bulk Keyword Insertion

One of the most outstanding features of the ChatGPT Auto Post WordPress Plugin is its ability to handle the insertion of hundreds of keywords simultaneously. This saves time and streamlines the content generation process, enabling users to focus on other essential aspects of their marketing strategy. By using this feature, users can ensure that their content is SEO-friendly and relevant to their target audience, ultimately driving more organic traffic to their website. Bulk keyword insertion is an invaluable tool for content creators looking to increase their online visibility and stay ahead of the competition.


Automatic Text Creation and Posting

The ChatGPT Auto Post WordPress Plugin revolutionizes the process of creating and publishing content by automating it entirely. This functionality eliminates the need for manual intervention, significantly reducing the time and effort required to generate and post high-quality articles. The plugin seamlessly integrates with the ChatGPT API to generate unique, engaging content that aligns with the specified keywords and prompt commands. Users can effortlessly schedule the automatic posting of articles, ensuring that their website stays fresh and up-to-date with relevant content.

Draft Creation and Scheduling

The ChatGPT Auto Post WordPress Plugin offers users the option to create and save drafts of generated content before publication, allowing them to review and refine the text as needed. This feature ensures that the final output aligns with the desired quality and standards. Furthermore, users can schedule content for future publication, enabling them to maintain a consistent posting schedule and effectively manage their content pipeline. The draft creation and scheduling functionality provide users with greater control over their content strategy, ultimately leading to improved audience engagement and increased website traffic.


Individual and Bulk Text Recreation

One of the most innovative features of the ChatGPT Auto Post WordPress Plugin is its ability to recreate individual or multiple texts at once. This functionality allows users to refresh and update their existing content, ensuring that it remains relevant and engaging. With just a few clicks, users can regenerate articles with new, unique content, improving their website's overall quality and SEO performance. The individual and bulk text recreation feature is particularly useful for content creators who want to keep their audience engaged with fresh, up-to-date information while maximizing their content marketing efforts.


Discover our range of plans and pricing options to find the perfect fit for your needs. Explore the benefits of each plan and choose the one that suits you best. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your WordPress experience with our incredible ChatGPT Auto Post WordPress Plugin!


$ 7.99 per month
  • All Free Features
  • Unlimited Sites Installation
  • Bulk keyword insertion
  • Automatic text creation and posting
  • Draft text saving
  • Scheduled text publishing
  • Individual and bulk text recreation
  • Integration with ChatGPT- 3,5 Turbo and 4
  • WordPress compatibility
  • Premium features for enhanced functionality
  • Support and Update

Happy Users

ChatGPT Auto Post WordPress Plugin makes it easy to generate high-quality, engaging content.

This plugin is sensational, it saved time and money, I am amazed with so much perfection in the texts, just putting the desired words, we got the perfect result. Congratulations Rodrigo this plugin is wonderful 👏🏽👏🏽

Henrique Oliveira Garcia

This plugin is phenomenal! Saving time and money is bizarre! I haven't been able to let go of the notebook since I installed it… I've waited a long time for it, and it's fantastic! I make up to 10 texts at a time and it performs very well without crashing! Loveeeeeeeee

Flávia Mendes

Wow this plugin saved me hours and hours of manual service! thanks rodrigo, you are the man for sharing this with gnt! God bless you! You are in my prayers!

Juliano Magalhães

Rodrigo, I can't believe that in 1 hour I can produce the same amount of texts that it would take me WEEKS to do without the CHATGPT AUTOPOST BY RODRIGO MENDES plugin! And with a super quality in the texts! It's too surreal! The agility and savings in time and money that this generated for me is incredible! Gratitude for having developed and shared this revolutionary tool!

Sther Alany
Sther Alany

Wow @Rodrigo Mendes , The plug in streamlined our work with the texts and also made it more professional. Loved the tool! It's amazing! Note 1000!

Álida Teixeira

chatgpt autopost is without a doubt a revolution for those who used to take weeks to post a lot of texts on WordPress, simply the union of two technologies to speed up work. Simply amazing. I highly recommend the best purchase of recent times

Nelize Milena

    FAQ - Questions and Answers

    Yes, the plugin is designed to be compatible with any WordPress theme. It operates independently from the theme and should work seamlessly with your chosen design.

    The plugin is designed for self-hosted WordPress installations, which means it’s not compatible with the free accounts. You’ll need a self-hosted WordPress site to use the plugin.

    Yes, we offer a free trial for you to test the plugin and experience its powerful features. We’re confident that you’ll love the convenience and efficiency it brings to your content creation process.

    Absolutely! Your purchase includes regular updates and dedicated support to ensure that the plugin continues to meet your needs and perform at its best.

    The plugin uses AI-powered ChatGPT technology to generate high-quality content based on the provided prompts and keywords. You can set a schedule for automatic posting, or save posts as drafts for further review and editing.

    Yes, you can fully customize the prompts and templates used by the plugin to generate content, ensuring that it meets your specific needs and aligns with your brand’s voice and style.

    Absolutely! The plugin is designed to generate content for any niche or industry, as long as you provide relevant prompts and keywords. It’s a versatile tool that can be adapted to fit the needs of any online business or blog.

    Yes, one of the powerful features of the plugin is the ability to recreate content, both individually and in bulk. This allows you to quickly refresh and update your existing content, ensuring it remains relevant and engaging for your audience.

    Yes, the plugin is designed to be fully compliant with GDPR and other data privacy regulations, ensuring that your website stays within legal requirements while using the plugin.

    The plugin free license is valid for use on a single website. However, if you require the plugin for multiple websites, we offer discounted pricing for additional licenses.


    If you have any further questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email. We're always happy to help and provide the assistance you need.

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